Spinpass is a mobile app for Spinnaker that allows you to perform tasks that require a web browser to be completed in a mobile application with superior portability and design.

Core Features

Simple Design

It’s a very sophisticated user interface. And the input is similar to the existing Spinnaker interface, so there are no new learning costs.

Browse Infrastracture

Spinnaker isn’t just a CD platform - it gives you a view into your infrastructure environment, including Kubernetes

Respond to manual judgements

You can approve or reject manual judgements. You don’t have to carry your computer all the way around for this simple stage.

Execute pipelines

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Spinpass, a mobile app for Spinnaker

Never stop your deployment workflow.

Why Choose Spinpass

See your pipeline settings at a glance

You can view your pipeline settings from anywhere. You can easily see what triggers have been set up and what pipelines are running.

Handle pipeline executions and manual judgments

You can easily approve or reject Manual Judgment from your mobile device and your work will no longer be a release blocker. You can also run pipelines, so you won’t have to wait around with your PC open for release work to be done.

Manage infrastructure and review audit logs

Spinnaker is also very powerful as an infrastructure management tool, allowing you to look at the state of Kubernetes, AWS ECS, etc. and do all sorts of operations. You can also see a list of tasks, so if you’ve enabled authentication, you can see who has done what from your mobile device.


Spinpass is not intended to replace all of Deck, Spinnaker’s web UI. We’ve taken out some of the features that are required for portability while running the application, such as release work, and implemented them. We think you’ll like what we’ve done with it.

Keisuke Yamashita

Keisuke Yamashita

Creator of Spinpass