Announcement of Alpha release

Announcement of Alpha release

I’m happy to announce today the alpha release of Spinpass.

We’re still in the seed stage of exploring the needs. We’re going to release it to a limited number of users with limited number of features to test it out.

If you are interested, please register by this form. I need your email to ship the Spinpass app.

Target Alpha testing user

Spinnaker is a platform, but Spinpass does not support all platform features, either.At this stage, it has the following limitations

  • Organizations that have not enabled authentication or uses GitHub Organization authentication.
  • Organizations that are deploying to Kubernetes

In addition, there are other minor undeveloped parts, such as the pipeline display. Please let us know which features are a priority for you.

Story of Spinpass

This project started at the end of September 2020 as a personal hobby of mine, but I’ve continued to develop it because I wanted to get it into the hands of people, not just me, but actually get it into your hands. Therefore, Spinpass needs to support various providers, not only Kubernetes (GKE) and AWS ECS, which I usually use, but also various providers, and the development is not finished yet.

However, we are strongly committed to developing it to support the portability of continuous delivery for everyone around the world.

Why Alpha Testing

As I mentioned earlier, we are exploring the needs.My motivation is to coexist with Spinnaker’s Deck am sure there is a need for a mobile app, but I am not certain what it is.

We’re looking forward to getting all kinds of feedback and growing the app along with our users’ opinions.

Why Limited User for this Alpha Testing

This is partly due to the number of beta test users on the App Store, but also because we want to spread out the number of users from one version to the next.

Users who are used to using Spinpass and those who are new to it may have different opinions about it.

In order to gather the opinions of a wide variety of users, we have been working with a number of beta testers.

Next Action

In the meantime, we’ll get user feedback before we decide on a policy.

I will also prioritize some stages of support.If you have any questions, please DM me on Twitter.