How to create a access token (GitHub)

How to create a access token (GitHub)

In this post, we will explore how to create a access token for GitHub OAuth2.0 authentication that can be used to login to Spinpass.


The easiest way to create access token is to use the Spin CLI, the official Spinnaker. See the official guide to learn how to install and how to configure it. Install and Configure Spin CLI.

Get the access token

After you configured the Spin CLI, you can see the tokens in the Spin config file. The path to the config file defaults to ~/.spin/config.

You can earn the access token by the command below:

$ yq r ~/.spin/config.mercari 'auth.oauth2.cachedToken.accesstoken'

Note: Here, I used yq version 3. The latest version is 4

Paste in the “Access Token” Input field in Spinpass

Paste that token in the access token field and then login to Spinpass.

That's it!