Private Policy

Spinpass, a mobile app for Spinnaker only communicates between your specified Spinnaker and doe not send information to any server. As long as it's an iOS or Android app, the minimum amount of data required, such as crash logs and distribution numbers, will be recovered. That's why we have this document.

Information we collect

The app collects nothing but information that can be collected by default. This means that we don't have the secret information we need to access Spinnaker, or even the URL of Spinnaker. We are not responsible for this information as it is securely stored in the iOS Keychain or Android Keystore on your mobile device.

As I mentioned earlier, Spinpass will only communicate with your Spinnaker.


Spinnaker's URL and the user information we ask you to enter to access it is stored in the Apple Keychain for iOS devices or the Android Keystore for Android devices and is not sent to us for those data.


Feel free to contact me via email to


If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. Summary of changes so far:

  • Sep 27, 2020: First pubilshed