Terms of use


Spinpass is an application for accessing Spinnaker to perform CI/CD and read the status of the infrastructure from mobile devices.


The Spinpass app only interacts with Spinnaker and the device, so there is no account for anything. So you can delete the app and remove it completely by deleting the confidential information from the Apple Keychain for iOS devices or the Android Keystore for Android devices.


This app manages Spinnaker and accesses it and is a CI/CD and infrastructure reader for your applications. Do not use it for any other purpose. Unless you have a good reason to do so, you can use this app for yourself or your organization’s Spinnaker.


The Spinnaker URL and the user information you enter to access it is stored in the Apple Keychain for iOS devices and the Android Keystore for Android devices, and we are not sent to those data, so we are not responsible for any You do not owe the So please manage your device carefully. Note, however, that crash logs and number of installs are collected for this app.


Although we always develop the app to ensure that it is free of bugs and glitches, we are not responsible for any damage caused to users due to the failure or functionality of this app.

Private Policy

See our Private Policy page for details.

Changes to the Terms of Use

This company may change this agreement at any time without notice to the user if it is deemed necessary. The user shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms of Use upon starting to use the Service after the amendment of this Agreement.


If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page. Summary of changes so far:

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